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Morten Innhaug

Founder of the Group. Overall in charge of the strategic and corporate development of the Group.

In 1997 as a young man when Morten Innhaug landed in Singapore with a mission of setting up a regional office for a Norwegian Ship Owner, little did he realize that he would himself be an owner, builder and manager of several vessels. The murky economic conditions caused by the Asian Financial Crisis was the stepping stone for the dynamic business mind in Morten to venture out on his own and set up Nordic Maritime Pte Ltd in 1999.   He was all set to establish his vision as a leader in offshore business.  Ardent as an enthusiastic surfer he has been balancing the waves of highs and lows of market conditions with expertise and candid mastery since then.

In 2009 when Nordic was celebrating its 10th Anniversary, Morten in his thanking speech to friends, supporters and business associates, said, “We are in a good position to enjoy the upturn in the industry that we all know will come sooner or later; after all time flies when we are doing what we like best”.  Nordic sailed through the crisis again in 2009 and went on to increasing turnover year after year. Though the present market conditions are on a low tide again, Morten is confident that in 2019 celebrating the 20th Anniversary of Nordic, he would proudly declare, “We have overcome again and we are confident nothing can keep us down for long”.

With a Marine Engineering Education and a Master’s Degree in Finance, Morten has a power packed combination of expertise and experience in the Marine industry and with his expert team of Managers he is confident in setting new milestones and ventures in ship building and ship management. Morten’s spirit of life has been to relax by working, live with dreams to achieve, strive with commitment and sail towards the goals.