Fleet History

Nordic Prince

M.V. Nordic Prince is a DP2 VS470 MKIII subsea service vessel capable of ROV operations as well as deepwater module handling. The vessel is specially customised and equipped to perform IMR (inspection, maintenance and repair) work.

M.V. Nordic Prince is equipped with a 100T active heave compensated offshore knuckle boom crane and built-in swell compensation systems per 2,000m depth. The vessel complies with SPS 2008 code with clean & comfortable class notation. It can accommodate 60 people and offers full cargo deck capacity and logistical support to afford full usage flexibility for clients.

Nordic Prince was sold in July 2018.

Technical Specification
Name of Vessel:
M.V. Nordic Prince
Type of Vessel:
LRS - SPS 2008 compliance
Top Speed:
14 knots
Tebma Shipyard, India
Year Built:
March 2014
Class Notation
+1A1, OSV, ECO (TOC), + LMC, UMS, DP (AA), NAV1, CAC3
Principal Particulars
Length O.A:
75.55 M
Length P.P:
64.50 M
Breadth Moulded:
19.20 M
Scantling draught:
6.50 M
Depth 1st Deck:
7.60 M
Deadweight (at 6.5m):
2500 Tons
Deck area 1st deck:
680 m2
Deck area mezzanine deck:
120 m2
Cargo deck strength:
10.00 MT/m2
Machinery / Propulsion
Propulsion :
(CP Propellers)
2 x 2320 kw main propellers
2 x 590 kw tunnel thrusters (aft)
2 x 800 kw tunnel thruster (fore)
Main Engine:
2 x 2320 kw
Auxiliary Engines:
2 x 900 kw
Emergency generators:
1 x 440 kw
Shaft Generators:
2 x 1600 kW
DP System:
Kongsberg DP2 System
2 x Trunks with gate valve DN500
Tank Capacity
Fuel Oil:
1345 cu.m
Fresh Water:
315 cu.m
Ballast water:
1480 cu.m
Liquid Mud:
1070 cu.m
Fresh Water maker:
Approx. 25 ton/day
1 x 500,000 kcal/hr
Deck Equipment
Hydramarine Crane 80T AHC
Crane wire length:
2000 m
Crane - SWL:
SWL 100T: max. working radius 7,5m
SWL 50T: max. working radius 15,4m
SWL 25T: max. working radius 30m
Anchors (Fwd):
2 x Stockless Spec Grade K3
Anchor Windlass:
1 x electro-hydraulic
Mooring winch:
2 x Declutchable cable lifters, drums
dia. 400/1250mm, length 1000mm
2 x electro-Hydraulic, 8 Tons
Tugger winch:
2 x electro-Hydraulic, 10 Tons
Wire capacity: 60 m
4 x 4 m – Closed Moonpool
60 Persons
One (1)
Communication Equipment
Radio (VHF):
3 x portable GMDSS-VHF
Radio (UHF):
3 x portable UHF, Motorola
1 x Tron 45SX
2 x Inmarsat C w/EGC receiver
Internal Communication:
Integrated Telephone
Intercom & PA system
2 x radar transponders
GMDSS for area A3
MOB Alarm:
7 x MOB buttons on working decks
Decks Arrangements
Arrangement on Bridge:
Communication Centre
Toilet, Pantry, small blind sectors
Arrangement on D deck:
3 x state cabins, 3 x 1m cabins & instrument room
Arrangement on C deck:
8 x 1m cabins & 10 x 2m cabins
Arrangement on B deck:
AC plant, e/genset,13 x 2m cabins,ship’s office, rov office & conference room
Arrangement on A deck:
Galley, day room, mess room,cold & cool room, dry provision gymnasium, client office, rov office & bosun store
Arrangement on 1 st Deck :
Male & female changing room, electrical workshop, spare parts store, store, hospital, laundry room, co2 room, diary mess room, paint store, incinerator room, emergency control station, safety & deck store
Navigation Equipment
1 x Radar 10cm / S band
1 x Radar 3cm / X band
1 x Radar slave display LCD/TFT
Maritime ECDIS 19”
3 x DGPS (Combine with DP)
3 x Gyro Compasses
1 x Magnetic Compass
1 x High Accuracy Course-keeping
Echo Sounder:
1 x Echo Sounder
Speed log:
1 x Doppler Type
1 x Clinometers at Wheelhouse
1 x Clinometers in Engine Room
2 x ECDIS (interfaced DP system)
1 x AIS, IMO approved
1 x SSAS, IMO approved
3 x Automatic operated searchlights
1 x VDR
1 x Bridge navigation water alarm system
1 x Sound Reception System
Life Saving Equipment
MOB Boat w/davit:
15 men, 30 knots
Life Rafts:
As per SOLAS
Life Jackets:
As per SOLAS
Life Buoys:
4 x with light and line
2 x with line
2 x with light and smoke
Survival Suits:
For 60 persons
Fire Fighting Appliances:
According to SOLAS rules
Fire Detection System:
1 x Class approved
Pump Capacity
Fuel Oil transfer Pump:
1 x 20 m3/hr, 2 bar
Lube Oil transfer Pump:
1 x 5 m3/hr, 3 bar
Sludge Pump:
1 x 5 m3/hr, 3 bar
Bilge Pump:
4 x 65 m3/hr, 2.5 bar
1 x 2.0 m3/hr, 15 ppm
Cooling System:
9 x Seawater pumps
7 x Freshwater pumps
Emergency Fire:
1 x 40 m3/hr, 7.0 bar
Fighting & Ballast Pump:
2 x 100m3/h, 9.0 bar
Auto Anti Heeling System:
1 x 800m3/h
Starting Air Compressor:
2 x 60 m3/h, 30 bar
Steering Gear:
4 x electro hydraulic pumps
Rudder angle 2 x 45 degree