Year 2016
August 2016

Nordic Maritime Completes BP Hi Res 3D Shoot

20 Aug 2016

Nordic Maritime have recently completed a Hi Res 3D shoot for BP Berau Ltd. The project, which was located near the Tangguh LNG plant in Bintuni bay, West Papua was undertaken by Nordic’s 3D vessel Nordic Bahari and was assisted by Nordic’s new build chase vessel Nordic Barakuda.

The survey, which was known as Tangguh Integrated Regional Survey (TIRS) consisted of 500 Sq Km of high resolution Seismic and Analogue survey data and was executed between February and July 2016. The Analogue data was acquired simultaneously using EGS’s survey vessel EGS Surveyor which was assisted by Nordic Emma as chase and support vessel. Berau Bay proved to be a challenging area with many factors affecting the survey. Remoteness, strong and variable currents in excess of 3 Kts and large amounts of debris in the water were just a few of the challenges that had to be overcome during the project. Local community relations, simultaneous operations between the 2 survey vessels and acquiring data within the 500m zone of 2 fixed platforms were also factors which had to be taken into account during the planning and operational phases of the project.

In order to meet the clients objectives for the survey, which were to image the top 0-800ms of overburden from reservoir to seabed level, obtain a hi resolution geophysical model of the seabed and map any potential drilling hazards the Nordic Bahari was configured with 3 x 600m solid digital streamers and a 250 Cub in dual source, with high emphasis being placed on HSE and data quality during the survey.

The data set delivered to the client at the end of the project included Hi res 3D Seismic data, Multi Beam Echosounder data, Sidescan Sonar Mossaics and Sub Bottom Profiler data.             

The Management of Nordic Maritime and the crew of Nordic Bahari, Nordic Barakuda and Nordic Emma are proud to have been involved in the successful execution of this complex and sometimes technically challenging project.