Year 2010
December 2010

Nordic in JV with Ferncliff TIH AS acquiring 2+2 DP2 Accommodation and Construction barges

01 Dec 2010

Nordic Construction Limited (Nordic Maritime Pte. Ltd. and Ferncliff TIH AS) has entered into a turnkey contract for construction of two accommodation barges, unit #1149 (Nordic Constructor I) and unit #1150 (Nordic Constructor II) with an option for unit 3 and 4 at NGV Tech Sdn Bhd Shipyard in Malaysia .

The two DP2 – 400 Men Accommodation / Construction Barges (Kongsberg SDP System and 6 X Retractable Thrusters from Rolls Royce, 140 cabins and 400 beds) are to be delivered Q1 2012.

Investment per unit is USDm 41-43, payment of 15% at 15th December 2010, 85% at delivery. Refund guarantee for 15% down payment from Malaysian leading bank. Nordic Construction Limited can cancel the contract if the yard does not meet the mile stones.