Year 2010
April 2010

Nordic Maritime proudly launches its first crew boat, Nordic Grace

01 Apr 2010

After a successful sea trial on March 13th, Nordic Maritime has launched the latest addition to its expanding offshore support vessel fleet, the 60 man crew boat ‘Nordic Grace’.

The new vessel was officially named and launched by Nordic Maritime at a ceremony and reception held at the Republic of Singapore Yacht Club on Monday April 12, 2010.

At the ceremony, Nordic Maritime Chief Executive Officer Morten Innhaug said: “The Nordic Grace is a 60 man crew boat and we are very pleased with her. We think she will be a valuable addition to our fleet and we hope to own her for many years to come and enjoy safe and profitable sailing with her.”

The Nordic Grace was built at the NGV Tech yard in Malaysia with project supervision from Nordic’s in-house technical team. She is classed by Bureau Veritas, and will be a good complement for the DP2 AFDV currently under construction. She will sail under the Panama flag and has a full sailing speed of 25 knots.

She is the latest vessel in Nordic Maritime fleet of offshore supply vessels, and is named after Nordic Maritime’s first employee, Grace Ong.

The crew boat will be chartered out shortly.